Turismo Etico

Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Destination Management Company (DMC): +39 ITALY

+39 Italy - Milan
Viale di Porta Vercellina 7
Milan, 20123
Telephone: +39 02 49518950
+39 Italy - Florence
Via Fra G. Angelico 14/A
Florence, 50121
Telephone: +39 055 19991717
+39 Italy - Rome
Via Savoia 23
Rome, 00198
Telephone: +39 06 85237290
+39 Italy - Venice
Via Banchina dell’azoto 15
Marghera - Venice, 30175
Telephone: +39 041 8830141
E-mail: Info@plus39italy.com
Web site: www.plus39italy.com
Web site: www.plus39lux.com
Director of business development – +39 Lux: Laura D’ambrosio
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+39 is an award-winning Italian Destination Management Company (“DMC”) that delivers unforgettable events in Italy for meeting and event planners in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our multilingual staff and premier network of partners enable us to deliver you the most memorable corporate events possible.

Our exceptional staff is dynamic, flexible, fast, precise, and reliable. We demonstrate our commitment to perfection daily, as we work closely with our valuable clients. We operate directly without subcontractors and without any additional charge, practically everywhere in Italy, and guarantee the same unparalleled quality in Venice as in Rome, in Milan, Florence, Turin, Naples or the Islands.

Our complete transparency with our clients and suppliers has granted us a significant strategic advantage over our competitors, and has allowed us to team up with the best suppliers available, ensuring us exclusive rates, flexible contract conditions, dedicated service, and strong relationships that are key to the success of every event.

Creating memorable experiences for our clients, in a country with such a rich history and iconic venues, fulfills us greatly. We have offices in Milan, Florence, Rome, and Venice to foster and build a strong supplier network as well as to have staff available close-by. This is important to the success of visiting corporate clients as international group travel and meetings typically require more coordination and effort (including backup plans) to succeed than an in-country group.