Turismo Etico

Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Destination Management Company (DMC): ITALY DESTINATION LABS

Telephone: +39 334 6581590
E-mail: marialuisa.ciccone@madeinuvet.com
Web site: www.uvetamex.com
DMC & Congress division Manager: Maria Luisa Ciccone
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Italy Destination Labs is the DMC division of Uvet American Express, a laboratory of ideas specialized in the conceptualization and realization of meetings, incentives, conventions, conferences and events in Italy.


The vast knowledge of Italy’s diverse and captivating territory coupled with the consolidated professional expertise of our staff were the drivers for the development of our parallel business area dedicated to “leisure”. We offer our clients a suitcase full of hospitality services and personalized high class programs.


Our team building activities are the carriers of the messages you want to leave an impression and our sought after social programs are orchestrated to the finest detail. ID Labs elaborates tailor made solutions based on “reinventing “ Italy for every client we serve. From the variety of landscapes to UNESCO Heritage sites, from high end fashion to Italy’s culinary arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, ID Labs can design the right solution for you.


Every event is an experience – exclusive and memorable.