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Historical buildings and other locations: AUDITORIUM SANTO STEFANO

Piazza di S. Stefano 1
Florence, 50122
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In the heart of Florence, just few steps from the Ponte Vecchio, lies the prestigious Auditorium of San Stefano al Ponte Vecchio.

Once one of the oldest churches in the city, documented since 1116, but probably founded long before, was deconsecrated in 1986 due to the depopulation of the city center.

Reopened to the public as Auditorium, Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio today contributes to the artistic development of the city thanks to its rich cultural and musical activities.

In its interior, wonderful works of art, including the unusual steps of Buontalenti, with a marble balustrade, 1574, from Holy Trinity, the 'altar designed by Giambologna of 1591, numerous paintings, paintings and crucifix dating from the Renaissance period.

Of note the crypt, where it still breathes a 'medieval atmosphere.

Today, the 'auditorium is used to accommodate different forms of encounter as congresses, conferences, conventions and corporate meetings, exhibitions and art exhibitions, shows and theater performances, concerts of sacred music, classical, blues and jazz evenings and gala dinners; dinner shows and musical entertainment, banquet, presentation books and literary performances, training courses, events, social gatherings and much more.

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Cripta per eventi più ristretti - 90 - - - - - -
Cortile con Loggiato - 200 - - - - - -
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