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Via L. Alamanni, 31
Firenze, 50123
Telephone: 055 265141
Fax: 055 213789
E-mail: infocna@firenze.cna.it
Web site: www.firenze.cna.it
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With more than 11,500 member companies, CNA Florence is one of the largest associations of craft, tourism, commerce and small and medium enterprises in the Province of Florence.

Born July 12, 1945 at the initiative of a group of artisans, CNA Florence is now a real system, with over 300 employees and 19 locations across the province, is offering interest representation, services and opportunities for development of small businesses, small and medium enterprises, traders, tourism operators and self employed workers.

Florence CNA work every day alongside enterprises, representing the interests to the institutions of local government and trade unions of workers and addressing their needs with a range of efficient services and highly skilled.
Florence CNA assists and helps the farmer after retirement, thanks to service and pension advice and involvement of patronage Epas Retired CNA, the national federation craftsmen retired, with its 10,500 members, is one of the most important and live throughout the country.

Complete autonomy from political parties and movements, CNA Florence bases its mission on the values of entrepreneurship, solidarity and equity, core values that it shares with the world of craft tourism, commerce and small and medium enterprises to to:

- To grow economically and socially significant heritage from crafts and small and medium enterprises
- Accompany the birth and development of enterprises
- Valuing the company, ensuring a clear line union, serious and devoid of ideological barriers, an open and transparent system of representation, a range of services to date, informed, efficient, technologically advanced, a direct link Entrepreneurs - Association