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Via di Mezzo, 10r
Firenze, 50121
Telephone: 055 0503228
Fax: 055 0503228
Mobile: +39 3336940104
E-mail: info@treedom.net
Web site: www.treedom.net
CEO: Federico Garcea
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Treedom is a young Florentine company that promote reforestation in developing countries and give the opportunity to neutralize the CO2 emissions. Planting trees can offset the emissions produced by events, individuals and business, because trees have the natural ability to absorb carbon dioxide during growth.

Trees are planted by local cooperatives, you can follow the growth on the web, thanks to our innovative solution that provides the geo-tagging and publication of photographs updated over time. With this system, unique in the world, Treedom guarantees absolute transparency. The user will be able to choose the species and the countries in which to plant the trees, he will have the opportunity to create his own forest and see it grow on the web and finally the chance to create green marketing campaigns.


  • Neutralize the CO2 emissions of events, businesses and individuals, promoting and implementing reforestation projects around the world;
  • Offer companies a range of services to assert its social and environmental responsibility, thus contributing to strengthening the image of their brand;
  • To make aware the people on environmental issues, thanks to an innovative and transparent system that allows them to directly participate in the preservation of the planet;
  • Promoting sustainable development and provide social benefits in the project sites, through the direct involvement of local communities.

The services

  • Calculation of CO2 emissions
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions event
  • Eco-friendly events
  • Calculator Real-time emission events
  • Give a tree
  • Eco-gadgets
  • Products CO2 free
  • Travel / holidays CO2free
  • Cars CO2free
  • Green marketing campaigns