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Transportation: HR Tours

Borgo Ognissanti 133R
Telephone: 055289881
E-mail: hri@happyrent.com
Web site: www.happyrent.com
: Stefano Lombardi
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HR Tours was founded on the basis of twenty years’ experience in the sector of car and motorcycle hiring. Our customers operate in the sector of corporate tourism and confide in our skills in organising classic car tours. The goal of the company is to collaborate with its customers from the very conception of the event in question, in order to ensure efficient, flexible and dynamic organisation. Our staff is capable of dealing with all the logistical and organisational aspects on the basis of customer requirements, thus freeing them from the use of energy and human resources. The availability of a large and diversified fleet, the professionalism of our personnel and clarity and punctuality in providing cost estimates has made HR Tours a reference point and stimulation for increasingly innovative proposals.