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Companies: Acqua dell'Elba

Via Aldo Moro 69
Telephone: 0039 0565 99513
Fax: 0039 0565 998075
E-mail: info@acquadellelba.it
E-mail: segreteria@acquadellelba.it
Web site: www.acquadellelba.it
Legale Rappresentante: Fabio Murzi
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 Profile of the company and its brand.

Acqua dell’Elba is a family run business, established 14 years ago, based in Marciana Marina. It is present on the market with 22 single-brand stores (19 of which on the island of Elba) and a distribution network of about 330 perfume shops spread throughout Italy.

The core business is the production and marketing of perfumes. Alongside this, are products for body care (body creams, shower gel, shampoo, soaps, deodorants and wet wipes), beach accessories (beauty cases, towels, sarongs, shorts) and products for the home (home fragrances, air fresheners, scented candles, perfumed chalks).

The business model is inspired by the Renaissance workshops where, together with the extraordinary manual skills of the craftsman and his pupils, there is the natural instinct for beauty, a deep knowledge of art and culture and a remarkable talent for the creation of products that are both useful and full of meaning.

Meanings that, for Acqua dell’Elba represent the essence of its presence on the marketplace, so well epitomized by its belief that it has become at the same time, its slogan and its payoff (essence of an island).

The mission of the company and the brand can be therefore summed up in the desire to offer products to the consumer that, while maintaining the excellence of the quality (both for the manufacturing techniques and for the quality of the raw materials), are condensing and representing not only the deepest essence of a unique, special environment as is the island of Elba, but also that of the entire sea: the marine environment where the system of values, the natural characteristics and landscapes, the scents, the rites  and myths and the lifestyles are reflected in the products that are truly unique and incomparable.

The vision of the company and its brand can be summed up in the desire to pursue the promotion of not only a certain way of understanding the production of “things” but also a certain way of understanding the sea. This attitude results in the many activities of social involvement and protection of the territory that have been an integral part of the DNA of Acqua dell’Elba since its foundation.

The identity of the brand Acqua dell’Elba revolves around the historical and geographical elements and the intrinsic values of the company, the place where it is situated and the environmental values to which it is related. The basic elements of identification can be summed up in “Handmade in Marciana Marina (on the island of Elba) in a creative, authentic, unique way”.

All this can be viewed in a well-defined placement that, also in relation to the dynamics of the market, (consumer behaviour, dominant lifestyles, market positions and values of the competitors, the type of market, characteristics of the high-quality perfume shops where they can be found) can be summed up:

·         in a first instance, in “the products inspired by the sea, created by those who are really entitled to talk about it”.

·         In a second instance, in the lifestyle (of the sea) that:

·         Prefers beauty (excellence) without ostentation

·         Prefers simplicity but at the same time sophistication and style

·         Is happy and carefree but at the same time well-composed and modest.