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Via L.F.Menabrea, 1
Firenze, 50136
Telephone: 055 6527011
Fax: 055 691379
E-mail: info.firenze@cooplat.it
Web site: www.cooplat.it
President: Fabrizio Frizzi
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CoopLAT is a cooperative that operates in various service fields, with installations in Tuscany and throughout Italy. In the field of Hygiene, we cover the entire vast range of civil, industrial and hospital cleaning and maintenance operations. In the Environment sector, we perform services of planning, consultancy and management for the collection, transport and disposal of wastes.  We are also present in the management of treatment plants.


With a constant and watchful eye on the challenges of the markets and communities, CoopLAT also offers interventions in Global Service and Facility Management.