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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

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Via Delle Fonti 8/D Scandicci
Firenze , 50018
Telephone: +39055720466
Mobile: +39 055 720466
E-mail: nottefatata@saviofirmino.com
Web site: www.saviofirmino.com
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Over a period of 70 years, Savio Firmino turned from a “Bottega” located in the centre of Florence, into a world renowned company, while maintaining unchanged its artisanal soul.

The company was set up in Florence by Firmino Savio, in 1941, starting his business in the same year his second son Guido was born.
Guido Savio raised in Firmino Savio’s “Bottega”, and learned the secrets of craftsmanship developing a great love for drawing, art, culture and beauty.
Through his studies, his research and the intense work guiding the creativity division for Savio Firmino, Guido has created a distinctive style in every product produced by the company.


The Savio Firmino Style derives from artisanal know-how, high quality handmade work as well as from artistic sensitivity developed while growing up and living among the most beautiful masterpieces in the world, in the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence. Attention to details and passion for handmade artisanal work still characterize the exclusive Savio Firmino products.

The new Wedding Collection highlights evocative ambiances, unveils unique items for the most exclusive events in the world constantly to meet the wishes of the most demanding customers.
Savio Firmino is still inspired, today as yesterday, by the values which lie beneath classic tradition , its style is precious and astonishing as well as conveying the undefinable vibration of ageless time.