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Historical buildings and Villas: LEONE BLU DIMORA D'EPOCA RICASOLI

Piazza Carlo Goldoni, 2
Firenze, 50123
Telephone: 055.290270
Web site: www.leoneblu.com
Manager: Alessandra Cranchi
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Hotel Chain
Distance to the Congress centre walking distance
n° Rooms 9
n° Meeting Rooms 2
Main Meeting Room 70
WebSite www.leoneblu.com
Contact Alessandra Cranchi, Piazza Carlo Goldoni, 2, Firenze. 055290270
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Leone Blu is the Residence of the Ricasoli family in Florence. It is still the home of Maria Teresa Ricasoli Firidolfi, your reserved and gracious hostess, who will open the doors to her residence and welcome you just like at a friend’s house. You will have the keys to the Palazzo Ricasoli and be able to move freely. The house butler, discrete and close to hand, will be happy to receive specifications in order to personalise your suite according to your wishes in terms of clothes to be arranged in the cupboard, deliveries of press, fruit or wine, suitable timetables etc. The concierge will be happy to arrange any other activity or service.
We recommend you verify with reception which services are payable separately.

Sala Bettino 70 - - 30 - - - 6
Sala degli Specchi 90 - - 70 - - - 6
Total 160 - - 100 - - -