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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Florence is

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Our support


Firenze Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB) will involve all its commercial and institutional relationships to let you have the best conditions in organizing your event and your conference in Florence.


Our support will include:



The FCVB activity is mainly focused on the promotion and the preparation of bids for the acquisition of national and international conferences and events. Since FCVB has a strong relation with public authorities, it can offer a 360 ° support to its customers providing information on services and locations in Florence and providing "strategic help" in the resolution of issues related to the organization of any event. Thanks to our privileged relationships, we can also assist you to receive welcome letters from any institution of Florence, in a very short time.


We will welcome organizers with a complete assistance, preparing personalized programmes according to requirements. We can also support you and your clients providing all the necessary support and a lot of free services, such as complimentary rooms for committee members. 


In case you need to find a member for your local committee and to enhance the local networking in the scientific community, we will be able to find the most suitable professors and scientists, thanks to our Special Ambassador Program.


Thanks to the effective collaboration with local institutions FCVB is glad to open the doors of the finest institutional venues for the Opening Ceremony of your Congress, from the stunning Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio to many other gorgeous historical noble palaces.


Congress Card

The card is free of charge and it can be used by delegates and their accompanying person and family to enjoy and experience the city, its culture and attractions. Florence Congress Card offers discounts and special rates for: Restaurants, Museums, Cultural venues, Shops, SPA, City tours, Rental bike services, Taxis, Chauffeured cars for airport transfers… and much more!


  • Local information: Multimedia material, brochures, city maps and event calendars.
  • Marketing and promotion plan.
  • Social media: Advertising within our channels (social media, website, newsletter) and a public relations programme to generate media interest in the run up and during the conference.
  • Newsletter : Scheduled email newsletters with updates
  • Press office: Promotional action with close links with the local, national and international media


Today, thanks to FCVB and Treedom (http://www.treedom.net) , Florence is the only Italian art city offering the inspiring opportunity of creating sustainable, eco-friendly meetings! 
FCVB and Treedom are proud to present conference organizers with the unique possibility of creating – completely eco – sustainable events by actually planting a living tree, and then watching it flourish and grow via the internet, thus fully counterbalancing the environmental impact produced by the event’s emissions!
On organizers’ request, and free of charge, Treedom’s experts evaluate the environmental impact of each event, estimate the CO2 emissions produced, and calculate the number of trees necessary to fully offset the CO2!