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Ambassador programme

FCVB, thoroughly committed to building a strong, mutual relationship between city institutions and the international scientific community, created the Florence Academic Leader Program (FALP).


The program’s aim is to involve eminent academics in becoming “ambassadors” of Florence, nominating the city as destination for international scientific meetings, conferences and corporate events.

But why join the FALP and become Ambassador of the city of Florence?


Being part of the FALP offers conference promoters exceptional benefits! Ambassadors will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their scientific field and/or specific department and represent Florence world-wide, as ideal event destination.


And FCVB, together with its event organizers partners, local administrations and city institutions, will be at their Ambassador’s side, guaranteeing continuous support during all phases of the conference candidacy, planning and management.

Joining the FALP and becoming an Ambassador of Florence is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve both scientific development and Florence’s image!


Florence Ambassador Award 2018


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Florence Academic Leader Program 2017

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Florence Academic Leader Program 2015

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FALP 2017

FALP 2015


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