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FCVB and Treedom


What’s new? what is new is the full green foliage of a brand new tree!
GREEN MEETINGs in Florence



Events, meetings and conferences held in Florence certainly boast great added value: spellbinding artwork, thriving local traditions, mouth-watering cuisine, delectable wines.. and, all around, breathtaking views. Today, thanks to FCVB and Treedom, Florence is also the only Italian art city offering the inspiring opportunity of creating sustainable, eco-friendly meetings!


With all major meeting facilities, countless hotels, event venues and the train station located in the main city center, at walking distance one from the other, Florence naturally reduces use of transport; moreover, low environmental impact busses serve the city center and the airport, and the new electric tram connects city center and outskirts.


So, what is new? Well, on top of it all, what is new is the full green foliage of a brand new tree!


FCVB and Treedom are proud to present conference organisers with the unique possibility of creating completely eco – sustainable events by actually planting a living tree, and then watching it flourish and grow via the internet, thus fully counterbalancing the environmental impact produced by the event’s emissions!


On organisers’ request, and free of charge, Treedom’s experts evaluate the environmental impact of each event, estimate the CO2 emissions produced, and calculate the number of trees necessary to fully offset the CO2!


Participants and delegates to each “green meeting” are fully informed and involved in this exciting initiative in a variety of different, engaging, ways, from the real time emissions calculator and Treedom experts present at the event to eco-friendly gadgets.
And, if desired, the tree / trees may be given to speakers and / or participants as a gift.


Finally, by allowing organisers to use the CO2 Neutral trademark for future communication and hosting the event on the CO2 neutral port, the “Green meeting” option definitely increases any event’s publicity and visibility.

Green Meetings in Florence: a superb, up-to-date, eco-friendly opportunity for any conference or event.