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Palazzo degli Affari
Piazza Adua, 1
Firenze Fiera Spa - Sede Legale e Operativa
Piazza Adua, 1
Firenze, 50123
Telephone: 055 49721
Fax: 055 4973237
E-mail: info@firenzefiera.it
Web site: http://www.firenzefiera.it/it/strutture-congressi-firenze/palazzo-degli-affari
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The Palazzo degli Affari, opened in 1974, is a modern building designed by Architect Pierluigi Spadolini which perfectly combines contemporary art with sophisticated technology. The building is over 4,000 sq.m. and is highly versatile. It has an overall capacity of 1.800 people and is suitable for conferences and exhibitions, poster sessions, press offices and fashion parades as well as work dinners and gala dinners. From the attic of the Palazzo you can see the whole of Florence and the enormous age-old park that connects the building to the Palazzo dei Congressi where the congress-goers can relax during breaks.

Since May 2007 we have been using the ground floor of the building (on the side of Piazza Adua) for a new reception area for the Palazzo dei Congressi and Palazzo degli Affari to welcome all delegates and those taking part in the conferences and exhibitions we hold. The new reception is equipped with four plasma screens connected to the "Information display network", and there is wireless technology in both buildings.

Ground Floor 367 250 270 270 150 - - 385
Basement 400 150 200 200 100 - - 305
First Floor, Main Room 680 400 330 400 250 - - 285
Second Floor, Main Room 650 300 250 300 200 - - 285
Third Floor, Main Room 550 230 200 230 130 - - 285
Total 2647 1330 1250 1400 830 - -