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Via Aldo Moro 69
Telephone: 0039 0565 99513
Fax: 0039 0565 998075
E-mail: info@acquadellelba.it
E-mail: segreteria@acquadellelba.it
Web site: www.acquadellelba.it
Legale Rappresentante: Fabio Murzi
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Acqua dell’Elba is the essence of thesea. Its uniqueness lies in the creation of artisan fragrances with raw materials of the highest quality. Each fragrance is inspired by the Mediterrenean Sea and made on one of its most beautiful islands, Elba.


The story of Acqua dell’Elba starts from a dream. The dream of capturing the beauty of the Elba Island and its sea, through a perfume.

The history of Acqua dell’Elba originates from an inspiration in the late 1990’s, to create an artisan fragrance house on the Tuscan island of Elba which would Interpret and evoke the emotions conjured by the beautiful surrounding sea. Many thougt it would be impossible to do this in a sector dominated by a small number of multi-nationals.

The three founders, Fabio, Chiara and Marco, embarked on a journey into the unknown.


After 17 years, Acqua dell’Elba has established a network of 29own retail outlets: 19 on the Elba Island and other located in some of Italy’s most beautiful destinations (Via dei Calzaiuoli and Piazza San Giovanni in Florence, Via Condotti and Via Frattina in Rome, Siena, Lucca, Como, Venice and Palermo) and a new launch done in Moscow. Acqua dell’Elba also has developed a network of over 580 independent perfumeries across Italy and established distribution agreements to better service new territories in 2017, with particular focus on the US, Korean and Russian markets; new distribution agreements and shop openings are expected in 2018, in particolar in Kuwait.


Acqua Dell’Elba draws inspiration from the Tuscan artisan workshops of the Reinassance. By combining the extraordinary handcrafting skills of the ‘maestro’ and his pupils, with the constant search for beauty matched with a deep knowledge of the arts and culture, Acqua Dell’Elba has created a range of fragrances and body care products which are unique and designed to appeal to the most discerning.


Acqua dell’Elba interprets and evokes the emotions conjured by the sea caressing its shores. They have translated this in to six perfum collections (Classica, Arcipelago, Blu, Bimbi, Sport, Essenza di un’Isola). In addition to the personal fragrances, clients can choose from body care products (moisturising body cream, shower gel, soap, deodorant and scented wipes), home fragrances (diffusers, scented candles and chalks) and the new Yachting line.


The secret of Acqua dell’Elba lies in each handmade product, a modern artisan house constantly searching for new ideas and new challenges. Sustainability, whether economic, social or environmentalis at the heart of the company mission since its inception.


The mission of Acqua dell’Elba is to create gorgeous, uplifting perfuse inspired by the beauty of the sea.


The vision of Acqua dell’Elba is to bring Beauty into people’s lives; beauty in all its manifestations: aesthetic, experential and ethical; beauty as a model of sustainable growth that respects healthy economic, environmental, social and cultural principles.