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Companies: Aquaflor Firenze - Maison de Parfum

Via Borgo Santa Croce, 6
Firenze, 50122
Telephone: +39 055 2343471
Mobile: +39 333 8981646
E-mail: aquaflor@aquaflor.it
Web site: www.aquaflorfirenze.com
Customer Relations: Dalida Breton - db@aquaflor.it
Comunicazione: Antonio Artese - aa@aquaflor.it
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Aquaflor Firenze - Maison de Parfum

Aquaflor Firenze is an exclusive Maison de Parfum founded by the visionary master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni and fully represents the art and tradition of the Florentine artistic perfumery. It is located in the heart of the Santa Croce district of Florence. The atelier and on-site laboratories are hosted in the prestigious Renaissance palazzo Corsini Antinori Serristori, in Borgo Santa Croce 6.


Aquaflor offers a collection of perfumes produced with rare and valuable raw materials from all corners of the world. These olfactory jewels are made on site in the Aquaflor laboratories. They result from the skillful hand of Sileno Cheloni, who, as alchemists and apothecaries of the past, works with intimate knowledge and great passion to realize his creations. The collection includes Eau de Parfum, Eau de Parfum Rare, Colonie Fiorentine, Hydrating Waters, ambient fragrances, candles, and a refined line of cosmetics (soaps, baths, and body lotions).


Sileno Cheloni, the nose of Aquaflor, offers the unique opportunity to create a bespoke tailored fragrance through an exclusive meeting in his atelier.

Along exclusive tours, Aquaflor offers a variety of workshops on aspects of boutique perfumery led by the master perfumer. Options are available both in personal perfumery and in the design and creation ambient scents.