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via Porta Rossa 76/R
FIRENZE, 50123
Telephone: 0550136203
E-mail: firenze@antoniomattei.it
Web site: www.antoniomattei.it
Shop Manager: Filippo Caluzzi - filippo@antoniomattei.it
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In 1858 Antonio Mattei opened his business in Prato for the production and sale of typical Almond Biscuits (Biscotti di Prato), commonly known as 'Cantucci' or 'Cantuccini', and also of other Tuscan sweet specialties.

This historic biscuit factory has retained the name of its founder and from the early twentieth century is managed by the Pandolfini family, which introduced numerous preparations still daily baked by the laboratory in the centre of Prato and in the same historic building since 1858 .
The fame of the biscuits soon began to spread beyond the city limits, receiving the medal of merit in 1861 at the Italian Exposition in Florence and the honourable mention at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1867.
More recently, in 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development gave the biscuit factory the prestigious recognition of the Stamp belonging to the thematic series "The Excellence of the Italian Economic and Production System".
The Biscotti di Prato are part of the Tuscan confectionery tradition served at the end of a meal as a perfect match with Vinsanto or coffee.
In 2018, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the foundation, the Pandolfini family chose to celebrate this important event with the opening of the Bottega Museum in the historic centre of Florence.
The new Florentine house is a very alluring space, where in addition to the sale and the opportunity to taste all the products, it traces the story of the 16 decades of Mattei history, declined in 5 sections through panels and exhibitors dedicated to the various phases of the biscuit-making process, tools of the trade, historical emblems and logos and the evolution of the packaging over the years.