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Companies: CASSETTI

Ponte Vecchio 54r
Firenze, 50125
Telephone: +39 055 287361
E-mail: info@cassetti.it
Web site: www.cassetti.it
Brand Manager: Filippo Cassetti
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 The history
The Cassetti brand was founded in 1926 by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Renzo Cassetti, heir to the precious tradition of Florentine master engravers and silversmiths led by Benvenuto Cellini. Renzo is a classic artist who creates unique pieces, some of which have become well noted, such as those that are part of the furnishings in the Vatican.
In the 1950s Maria Grazia, Renzo’s daughter, joined the company, bringing with her a unique creativity to the Cassetti tradition, adding a “touch of feminine style”. It was under the guidance of Maria Grazia Cassetti and her brother Andrea that the industrial consecration came about in the sixties: bringing together modern technologies and sophisticated working processes while preserving the dexterity of Florentine craftsmen.
Andrea designed and produced some of the most original pieces, some of which are displayed in the Staatliches Museum fur Angewandteknust of Munich, Germany.
“Cassetti” is ready for the third millennium with the new generation of Alessandro, Filippo, Ilaria and Lorenzo, and is now a major business group in its third generation, an avant-garde organization where the most important role is still played by the hand of man.

Currently, the Cassetti group, subdivided into “Cassetti Silverware”, “Cassetti Jewellery” and “Cassetti Shops” is an affirmed production and commercial activity that has been operating internationally in the luxury goods sector for the best part of a hundred years. This is the significant result achieved today by an industrial organization in constant growth.