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Historical buildings and other locations: AUDITORIUM AL DUOMO

Auditorium al Duomo
Via dei Cerretani, 54r
Florence, 50123
Telephone: 055 288642
Fax: 055 268308
E-mail: info@auditoriumalduomo.com
Web site: www.auditoriumalduomo.com
Palazzo Coppini - International Meeting and Study Centre
Via del Giglio 10
Florence, 50123
E-mail: info@palazzocoppini.org
Web site: www.palazzocoppini.org
Viale Guidoni 103
Firenze, 50127
Telephone: +39 055 288642
E-mail: info@iclab.info
Web site: www.iclab.info
Direttore: Sabrina Bisconti
Referente Meeting: Alessio Rabatti
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The “Congressi al Duomo” Florence Centre with its Hotel Laurus al Duomo ****, Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio ***, Auditorium al Duomo, Palazzo Coppini and Caffè Astra al Duomo is a reality deeply rooted in the town cultural contest thanks to the long collaboration of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation with local institutions, following Life Beyond Tourism aim which our facilities agree to. LBT is an ambitious project with which guests can contribute giving travelling a new value in order to develop the knowledge of culture differences. It is a simply concept, a less consumer opportunity oriented not only to services, but strongly convinced of the importance of a welcome dedicated also to values. A welcome through which guests can feel our Company willingness in helping tourists knowing the Florence area they are visiting and in order for them to catch possible opportunities beyond the satisfaction of their individual needs.

A little contribution to awareness on cultural diversity and dialog which, spread all over the world through tourism, will contribute reducing our planet incomprehensions and developing the sense of common responsibility and respect of cultural differences.


The convention centre, collocated at the two and half hours distance from most important Italian and European cities, offers nearly endless opportunities for organizing congresses, conventions, exhibitions, fashion shows, shows, concerts and gala dinners. The most modern equipment and technologies, complete with garage facilities, make this convention centre an ideal and up to date location. The Auditorium al Duomo is developed on three levels. Located on the first floor is the – Anfiteatro Andrzej Tomaszewski – a congress room shaped like an amphitheatre capable of accommodating up to 300 people. On the ground floor is located a space capable of accommodating up to 250 people which can be divided into three congress rooms. In the basement of the congress centre, in addition to public areas, there are dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms.
In 2013 has been opened the ancient Palazzo Coppini - institutions, organizations, associations and businesses are able to make use also of this International Meeting and Study Centre as a venue for their events.

.:. 100 mt from the Cathedral
.:. 200 mt from the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station
.:. 300 mt from the Uffizi Gallery
.:. 300 mt from the Expositive Congress centre
.:. 400 mt from the Ponte Vecchio
.:. 600 mt from the Accademy of Fine Arts
.:. 4000 mt from the A1 Highway Florence North-exit
.:. 5000 mt from the "A. Vespucci" Airport
.:. 6000 mt from the A1 Highway Florence South-exit

Anfiteatro Andrzej Tomaszewski 256 - - 275 - - - 5
Borselli 194 162 200 162 106 44 56 3
Michelangelo 101 - - 82 38 32 36 3
Donatello 92 - 80 80 52 44 48 3
Giotto 48 - 35 35 26 20 24 3
Brunelleschi 50 - 45 45 30 26 30 3
Total 741 162 360 679 252 166 194