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Historical buildings and other locations: PALAZZO COPPINI

Palazzo Coppini
Via del Giglio, 10
Firenze, 50123
Telephone: 055 288642
E-mail: info@palazzocoppini.org
Web site: www.palazzocoppini.org
Firenze, 50127
Telephone: +39 055 288642
E-mail: info@iclab.info
Web site: www.iclab.info
Referente Sviluppo: Michaela Zackova Rossi
Referente Meeting: Alessio Rabatti
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The Centro Congressi al Duomo in Florence has been inaugurated on the 8th of May 2013 a new congress venue, the ancient Palazzo Coppini, with seven rooms for encounters, meetings, training and seminars. Its strategic position only a stone's throw from Santa Maria Novella railway station, the possibility of fast connections with the leading cities of Italy and Europe and its proximity to other structures in the Centro Congressi al Duomo – particularly the Auditorium al Duomo and its “Anfiteatro Andrzej Tomaszewski” – make Palazzo Coppini the ideal venue for conference sub-sessions, committee meetings, collateral events, workshops, master classes and confidential meetings in the context of broader scientific and cultural events. The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® - Life Beyond Tourism® successfully managed to ensure that this historical space was made over to public use halting a project designed to turn it into a hotel and transforming it, instead, into an International Meeting and Study Centre. Each room is dedicated to the name of an Expert of the Fondazione’s who has earned particular distinction in the development of the Fondazione's international network through fostering important interpersonal relations. The rooms house collections of items and books donated to the Fondazione over the years as tokens of cultural diversity. The rooms vary both in size and in their potential arrangements – theatre, boardroom or classroom – and they have an overall seating capacity of 150 people.  They are fitted with a full range of state-of-the-art equipment – LCD screens, Wi-Fi systems, electronic device-friendly environments – for organisers and users, together with a temporary secretarial office for events and other convenient facilities.

Palazzo Coppini also has a number of pleasant reception and refreshment areas for breaks, such as the Small Drawing Room, the Foyer with its pietra serena stone columns, the Veranda on the first floor and the elegant Courtyard with its Renaissance fountain.  All of these atmospheric venues can be used to host refreshments, coffee breaks, cocktails and light lunches.

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Mihaly Zador 28 - 27 20 16 - 14 5
Arimitsu Tsuji 18 - 10 10 8 - 8 5
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Oleksandr Rovenko 16 - 14 14 8 - 10 5
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