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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Historical buildings and other locations: SERRE TORRIGIANI IN PIAZZETTA

Piazza dei tre Re
Firenze, 50123
Mobile: +393289666268
E-mail: info@serretorrigianiinpiazzetta.it
E-mail: a.panchetti@serretorrigiani.it
Web site: www.serretorrigianiinpiazzetta.it
: Antonio Panchetti
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Urban garden

A new garden has blossomed in the historic center of Florence, thanks to the passion and care of Serre Torrigiani. A garden refuge where it's possible to relax completely in a magical atmosphere.
A menu based on Tuscan excellences and beyond, with a special twist: the spices and herbs from Serre Torrigiani, all grown locally in the garden right in the heart of the city. From breakfast to
aperitif, the square is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time in the green city!
Cultural events
Serre Torrigiani in piazzetta is also food for thought. There are two cultural events scheduled per week including prose, theater, music and art.