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Historical buildings and other locations: VILLA CASTELLETTI

Via di Castelletti, 5
Signa (FI), 50058
Telephone: 055 8735565
Fax: 055 8735073
E-mail: villa@villacastelletti.it
E-mail: gaia@villacastelletti.it
Web site: www.villacastelletti.it
Congress and Meetings Manager - Villa Castelletti: Luciana Operto
President and Owner: Luca Allegri
Hotel Manager - Borgo Castelleltti: Alessandro Giaccherini
Meeting and wedding planner: Gaia - gaia@villacastelletti.it
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The ideal place to live and create "special events"

Located in the hills west of Florence, surrounded by a park of old trees, Villa Castelletti is ideal venue for conferences, conventions, meetings, fashion shows, exhibitions, photo shoots, gala dinners and receptions.

The origin of the villa was probably the beginning of the fifteenth century. The employer is the oldest of the Strozzi.

By the Strozzi Lapi, Uguccioni by the Cavalcanti, whose direct line, that of the poet Guido, companion of Dante, died in the eighteenth century, continuing in-Cattani Cavalcanti.

AMILY Cavalcanti was to broaden the structure of the villa with two lateral bodies, added to the main building, which was high on the second floor and the roof-terrace of Villa Castelletti symbol today.
In the second half of '1800, under the leadership of Count Leopold Cattani Cavalcanti, the property went through a period important to becoming a model estate. The initiative certainly more significant was the philanthropic foundation of the Agrarian Institute. At the end of the nineteenth century was settled by the accounts Montagliari of German origin who carried the name of Mayer.


Villa Castelletti, is a countryside villa in the Tuscan hills, just 15 minutes away from the center of Florence. The perfect venue for unforgettable weddings and luxury events.
The origins of the Villa probably dates back to the beginning of 15 century and the most prestigious owner were Strozzi and Cavalcanti family.
The rooms with their ancient fireplaces, the fine art vaulted ceilings, the monumental stairs create a fascinating and glamour atmosphere.
The Heart of the Villa’s Noble Floor is the stunning Winter Garden. The architectonic work it’s a fusion between Century-Old Tradition and Sophisticated Modernity and its glass windows allow the guest to feel itself in touch with the beauty of nature.
The Winter Garden is so huge that can host up to 550 people seated in a unique room.
The Century Old Park has a dimension of 10 hectares and includes a Romantic Lake that will provide evocative spots and breathtaking backgrounds for any photo shoot.
Walking in the Park you can breathe the calm, the peace and energy that come out from the Park.
In our beautiful spaces outside and inside the Villa we can organize symbolic ceremonies or Civil ceremonies in agreement with Signa Municipality.
Our skilled and expert Staff will help you find the best solution for your wedding and will realize your Dream: The Perfect day.
Our Private Banqueting is the focal point of our services together with proposal and suggestions for decoration and set-up, special lighting effects, music entertainment and anything else that maybe necessary to the organization of your Wedding.
Inside our property we do also have the Hotel Borgo Castelletti.
Part of an antique borgo dated back to 17 century, represents the perfect fusion between a typical Tuscan accommodation and the elegance of a Charming Boutique Hotel.
It is composed by 27 among room and apartments.
Character and Tradition of the Hotel will make you live a relaxing and comfortable holiday.
To complete our property our Restaurant La Quercia di Castelletti offers a typical Tuscan kitchen revised with elegance and innovative elements.

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Piano Nobile - Giardino d'Inverno 750 550 950 700 - - - 5
Piano Nobile - Sala Verde 70 70 120 80 - - - 5
Piano Nobile - Sala Rossa 70 80 120 70 - - - 5
Piano Nobile - Sala Del Capitano 150 200 250 150 - - - 5
Piano Nobile - Sala Del Teatro 80 90 140 110 - - - 5
Cantine - - - - - - - -
Sala A 64 60 100 80 - - - 3
Sala B 100 80 110 90 - - - 3
Sala C 70 70 120 80 - - - 3
Sala D 57 50 80 60 - - - 3
Sala E 34 35 50 40 - - - 3
Sala Convegni 367 400 600 300 - - - 4
Total 1812 1685 2640 1760 - - -