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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Tour Operator: LE BACCANTI

Via Pisana 47 r
Firenze, 50143
Telephone: +39 055221138
Mobile: +39 392 9433410
E-mail: lebaccanti@lebaccanti.com
Web site: www.lebaccanti.com
Mrs.: Vanessa Held
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Le Baccanti was born in London in 1999 and in 2014 became an Italian tour operator specializing in leisure travel, incentive travel, team-building and entertainment events utilizing wine, food and art.
For more than 15 years, Le Baccanti has discovered magical places and creates unique experiences throughout Italy, with a particular specialization in both Tuscany and Florence. Le Baccanti creates customized programs with direct input from our guests in order to make their dreams come true as they discover small hidden jewels filled with Italian history, and they enjoy lasting memories of their time with Le Baccanti in Italy.

Our Corporate events motivate, inspire, and strengthen your team's collaboration and teamwork. We strive we help you build up the bonds among your staff, and improve your client's fidelity to your company. Le Baccanti is also specialized in the organization of wonderful incentive travel, and can help you plan a dynamic trip filled the energy of a major city, or soothe your staff with the peaceful calm and relaxation of the Italian countryside, or the perfect combination of the two! Le Baccanti understands your needs and goals, and will help you create the ideal environment for your incentive event that will leave a lasting impression on your team long after they return home.