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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Tour Operator: THE PLUS PLANET

via delle Panche 79-81
Telephone: +39 055 5274578
E-mail: info@theplusplanet.com
Web site: www.theplusplanet.com
General Manager: Leonardo Sorelli
Business Developer: Stephanie Rudolph
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The Plus Planet is a company that for twenty years has been operating in the tourism, culture, organization, and management of events in Italy.
The services that The Plus Planet offers:

  • Information management and tourist reception, territorial marketing and museum services: from the management of information offices and tourist reception to the creation of plans to promote a destination; from the management of bookshops to the organization of educational and entertainment services in museums.
  • Accessible tourism: Since 2015 we have been organizing holidays and managing the needs of those who have accessibility problems, permanent or temporary. From the hotel booking, to the rental of transport services, from the creation of cultural and food and wine itineraries to guided tours, each holiday is tailor-made to knock down any type of barrier. Find us at: www.accessibletourism.it
  • DMC for Italy: we are specialized in providing services to meet the needs of categories with special needs such as seniors and families with children, from hotel reservations, to the preparation of transport to the organization of tours.
  • Organization and management of events, events, exhibitions and meetings: from planning the event to the choice of the location up to the provision of all the basic services to create a successful event.

Check our website and find out everything we can do for you. (www.theplusplanet.it)
The Plus Planet is part of the CO & SO Florence Consortium, a partner of the Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our headquarters is in Florence, but our business covers all of Italy.