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Professional Congress Organizer (PCO): CONGRESS Lab - UVET American Express

FIRENZE, 50121
Telephone: +39 055.553971
Fax: +39 055 5539741
Web site: www.congresslab.it
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CONGRESS Lab - UVET American Express

Health Care labs is a business unit of Uvet American Express, a multinational group with an annual turnover of over 1 billion EURO, that is constituted by 3 business lines which work together as pieces of the same puzzle, creating a perfect synergy. On the market for 60 years in Corporate Travel, Conference Management, Meeting & Events, Information Technology and Leisure, the company brings a wealth of knowledge to every initiative it undertakes.


As a chosen partner, our clients can rely on stable resources, with vast experiences in both conference  management and in the medical-scientific sector. We work to satisfy the requirements of our clients, paying particular attention to the processes followed and monitoring the results. We are equipped with an avantgarde technological platform that allows us to personalize its functions based on our client’s requirements.


We are a team of 30 experts in strategic marketing, communication, project management, business ethics and in compliance issues. We have a proven track record of defining and reaching objectives, driving growth for our clients to create new opportunities and value through the lens of sustainable long-term development.

We do this by building a groundswell of support so our clients can initiate and manage change. Furthermore, we have a permanent scientific committee made up of thought-leaders, professional trainers, analysts and we are a CME Provider. Our clients benefit from the exclusivity agreements set up with our partners: Cibiesse, the business School of Manager Italia, and Save-Studi Analisi Valutazioni Economiche, which have specific competences in the fields of managerial training, health economics, and market access. 



Our services 

  • Association and Congress Management
We provide operational and strategic support that guarantees maximum value for investments: from secretariat duties to member relationship management, from administrative competencies to associative marketing. In conference management, we take care of everything from A-Z: location, registration management, accommodation management, fundraising and sponsor management, onsite technical teams, conference image and communication. How you begin your path will determine the success of your event. 
  • Research, Consulting And Training
Our aim is to offer our customers all the tools they need to support the decisionmaking process, within the health and pharmaceutical areas, in order to guarantee a more efficient use of resources, to create innovation and to stimulate growth. These tools range from the ideation and realization of tailor-made projects and focused 
educational programs, to the publication and dissemination, at national and international levels, of the research undergone. 
  • CME Provider
Congress Lab is our provider. It assists in improving medical education initiatives. We build educational projects that comprise all aspects of various professions, from clinical to legal to managerial. We start off from an analysis of educational needs and we put them in the playing field with our expert competencies for scientific projecting and epidemiological training, in order to spot, one step at a time, the right methodology to create value proposition and ensure innovative approaches and relevance.
  • Communication Campaigns
Our dynamic and flexible approach enables strategic communication which is adapted to each client’s particular needs with strategic communication direction and creative solutions. Through a variety of communication services, we help build Association and or Conference identity. At Health Care Lab, we help determine where you’re headed, and the best communication strategy to take you there.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
We focus on project objectives, we evaluate requirements and capabilities, coordinating all activities. We study the territory and screen potential partners, with the double aim of ensuring that investments generate a return for our clients and benefit society.