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Florence... a palette of enchanting marvels

Historical buildings and other locations: AUDITORIUM DI SANTO STEFANO AL PONTE

Via Santo Spirito 11
Florence, 50125
Telephone: +39 055 0684115
E-mail: info@ctcrossmedia.com
Web site: www.ctcrossmedia.com
Communication and Media Manager: Tommaso Mattei
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Crossmedia Group operates in promoting cultural and artistic heritage. Founded in Florence in 2008, it has taken on a key role on the international stage as a producer and distributor of innovative formats and strategies for multimedia exhibitions, apps, educational and editorial products, contents and exhibitions for museums, corporations and large businesses. Since 2016 one of the major financial groups worldwide, AB InBev, has joined Crossmedia Group as a company shareholder; in January 2018 the Crossmedia Asia headquarters opened in Hong Kong, entrusted with developing relations and market opportunities in the whole region of Southeast Asia. Culture and technology, quality, beauty and wonder as a result.


Since 2015, the evocative location of Santo Stefano al Ponte, one of the city’s many hidden treasures, has been under Crossmedia’s exclusive management. One of the oldest Florentine churches, it was deconsecrated in 1986.


From its facade alone, which dates back to 1233, you realize that you are standing in front of a precious architectural gem. Even inside it offers visitors many a wonderful surprise, starting from Buontalenti’s staircase of 1574, which was originally conceived for Santa Trinita; its altar, designed by Giambologna, dates back to 1591, to say nothing of the numerous renaissance artworks, paintings and crucifixes. Our permanent base at Santo Stefano periodically hosts all our productions while also being a venue for different cultural, musical and performance-based events. Being an actual auditorium allows for the development of the many experiences that emerge from our programming. Inside, whatever the space it allows for the organization of events of various natures for all our clients.