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Historical buildings and other locations: Cinema Odeon

Piazza Strozzi
Florence, 50123
Telephone: +39 055 214068
Fax: +39 055288137
E-mail: cinehall@cinehall.it
Web site: www.odeonfirenze.com
: Valentina Torrini
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The prestigious and elegant spaces of the Cinema Odeon Theater are configured as an ideal place for the organization of events, conferences, lectures, moments of entertainment for companies and sponsors, ceremonies.

The great room, with a stage, has a total capacity of 594 seats, divided into the large stall (334) and stylish balcony (260); near the balcony there is the Saloncino degli Specchi, versatile and cozy, perfect for organizing meetings, debates, meetings, exhibitions, parties, cocktails, buffets, coffee breaks and dinners.

Palazzo dello Strozzino, today the site of the Odeon Theatre, was built in 1462; this building is considered one of the most interesting examples of Renaissance constructions in Florence. At the beginning of the twentieth century it underwent a series of major reformations. It was Eleonora Duse who suggested transforming the internal patio into today’s modern and elegant Odeon Cinema, inaugurated in December 1922.

The Odeon still maintains the harmony and beauty of the original art deco’ style; its tapestries, statues, and glass policromed dome are admired by its many visitors. The Odeon has been considered a meeting point for members of Florentine cultural and artistic life, it has hosted guests such as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, directors and actors of Italian neorealist cinema, as well as contemporary artists such as Isabelle Adjani, Angelica Houston, Bernando Bertolucci, Kenneth Branagh, Roberto Benigni, Nanni Moretti and Paolo Sorrentino.

For further information and to obtain a quote, please contact the management of the Odeon cinema, by sending an email to: direzione@odeonfirenze.com or by calling 055-295051055-295051 (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)



Sala Grande (solo Platea) - - - 334 - - - -
Sala Grande (Platea + Galleria) - - - 559 - - - -
Sala degli Specchi - - - 150 - - - -
Total - - - 1043 - - -