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Historical buildings and other locations: Reale Firenze

Piazza della Stazione, 50
Firenze, 50123
Telephone: +39 0552645114
Mobile: +39 3371488866
E-mail: marketing@realefirenze.it
Web site: www.realefirenze.it
Event Manager: Federica Bertini
Director: Antonio Laganà
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Reale Firenze

Reale has its roots in the concept of breathing new life into a historic location and restoring it to the city of Florence as an exciting new locale, whilst staying true to the tried-­-and-­-tested combination of food, culture and events.

It is both a tapas bar offering smaller portions of local food cooked on the grill and accompanied by craft beers, but also an American-­-style Bar/Café, open from 8am until 1am and boasting live entertainment, exhibitions and many other events.
The menu features many versions of these dishes in miniature-­-format, but what also makes the food at Reale stand out is the method of preparation: it is cooked mainly using "The Josper", a grill-­-oven which gives the food a unique character thanks to a rapid and high-­-quality cooking process. Just as suitable for vegetables as for meat, the Josper makes the final product crisp on the outside and succulent and tender on the inside.
A locale, open until 1am, where -­- in a warm and cosy atmosphere -­- live music and cocktails are king, representing a symbol of modernity and community.
Our idea has been one of urban regeneration. In the last few years, this has taken on more and more of social and food-­-orientated theme, turning it into a cultural centre and not just a service in its own right; a complete rework of the concept of dining, where everyone becomes the bearer of a social message; of getting together and integrating.
The five areas that make up the ground floor of Reale are all available for any type of event:
Reale: approx. 100sqm
Sala "Foyer" (adjacent to the entrance): 105sqm Sala Reale (Conference Room): 180sqm
Sala della Spiga (adjacent to platform 16): 116sqm Completing Reale's range of facilities is the Corte Reale.
This location, characterised by its long, marble-­-bordered pool and reflecting the work of Griselli, will host 8 kiosks operated by certified producers of artisan Italian food, along with 150 days of live events, tasting sessions, music and entertainment
Sala “Foyer” 105 - - - - - - -
Sala Reale 180 - - - - - - -
Sala della Spiga 116 - - - - - - -
Total 401 - - - - - -