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Via dei Serragli 144
Firenze, 50124
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Web site: www.serretorrigiani.it
: Susanna Torrigiani Malaspina
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The Torrigiani garden with nearly seventeen acres hidden in the heart of Florence, is the largest privately owned garden in Europe situated within city boundaries.
This garden is very well known for it’s botanical garden and also for the extraordinary wealth of tree and plant species from all parts of the globe, the old and new greenhouses, not to mention the covered lemon houses which bear witness to this.


Today the Torrigiani family is still equally committed to preserve and the marble column dedicated to the great botanist and mycologist, Pier Antonio Micheli who worked so diligently in this garden and who with other passionate naturalists founded the Italian Botanical Society in 1716.
The garden is still very well known as a botanical garden and also for the extraordinary wealth of its tree and plant species from all parts of the globe; the old and new greenhouses, and the covered lemon houses bear witness to this. In these perfect surroundings various courses are held, on the art of gardening and painting.

The garden is privately
owned by two Torrigiani families: the Torrigiani di Santa Cristina and the Torrigiani Malaspina who both have their respective homes in the garden. It can be visited, subject to agreement given by one of the owners who will subsequently accompany the visitors during their tour.

Ideal settings for photographic shootings, film productions and exclusive events.

Serra storica 200 120 240 - - - - -
Serra grande 600 500 1000 - - - - -
Serra alta 400 250 500 - - - - -
Total 1200 870 1740 - - - -