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Catering | banqueting and Restaurants: Roland's Social & Business Catering

Via Taddeo Alderotti n° 21
Firenze, 50139
Telephone: +39 055476532
Mobile: + 39 3923222007 - + 39 3498141039
E-mail: info@rolands.it
Web site: www.rolands.it
: Pasquale Mazzei
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Roland's Social & Business Catering

 “Food is the universal language and conviviality is without frontiers.”

Roland’s benefits from the experience of three partners who come from the world of catering and event organization. They have combined their expertise and resources to create a company that pursues the “noble” goal of personalized artisan catering.
“We respect the natural cycle of craft food production with carefully-selected raw materials provided by suppliers who guarantee a short food supply chain. Our manufacturers apply the highest social-ethical standards in their companies.
Personalization, Craft food and Top Quality are the elements that characterize our work”.