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Hotel & Resorts: POGGIO AI SANTI

Strada San Bartolo, 100
San Vincenzo (Livorno)
Telephone: +39 0565 798032
E-mail: poggioaisanti@toscana.com
Web site: www.poggioaisanti.com
Mrs.: Alessandra Cianchini alessandra@toscana.com
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Tuscany is as well known as Italy, what is often overlooked is that Tuscany also has a coast of over 500km and an archipelago of seven islands, of which Elba is only the best known.

It is in this intrinsically Mediterranean setting that Poggio ai Santi has slowly conquered its unique place as a quality hotel. Positioned somewhere between the Wine Relais and the Boutique Hotel, Poggio ai Santi allows visitors to satisfy their desire for escape, for authenticity, and for discovering one of the richest heritages of humanity.
Poggio ai Santi offers over 7 acres of botanic gardens that continue into an olive grove and scrubs; part of over 80 acres of land hugging the hills, with the sea, Elba and Corsica as a backdrop.
Poggio ai Santi has developed harmoniously over the years: the 15 suites are the result of renovations and new constructions: each has its own features, furnishings and decor. Our guests generally develop an attachment during their first stay and we try to guarantee them "their" suite year after year. 
Silence: thanks to the unique location of this hill, overlooking the sea, only 5 km from the beach and the motorway (45 minutes to Pisa airport and 75 minutes from Florence airport).
At Poggio an Santi, we see space and silence as true sources of comfort. 
The Podere houses a gastronomic restaurant which presents its finest appointments in every season: open onto three open verandas in summer, in winter it offers cosy afternoons by the fire. From the terraces, admire the coast and the island of Elba and even, on clear days, Corsica on the horizon.
Poggio ai Santi is also a farm, so a large proportion of the products we offer you are produced in-house, like vegetables, fruit, poultry. Our olive oil has its own reputation and is found in some prestigious restaurants in Europe. We are an organic farm and all our products are of Tuscan origin. We work with the Italian National Research Centre to replant ancient Tuscan essences, within the framework of a wider biodiversity project.
Our residence La Muccheria is just 100 metres from the Relais. 
It has 11 apartments (for 2-4 guests each) where we can guest 40 people max. 

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