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Luxury jewellery and art & craft: PENKO BOTTEGA ORAFA ARTIGIANA

Via F. Zannetti, 14/16r
Florence, 50123
E-mail: info@paolopenko.com
Web site: www.conventionbureau.it
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Paolo Penko, Maestro Goldsmith, in his “workshop”, in the heart of the city, has managed to create a symbiosis between the renaissance and mannerist styles. Paolo, his wife Beatrice and their sons Alessandro and Riccardo forge jewellery inspired by this glorious period of Italian art and the works of such famous artists as Botticelli, Andrea della Robbia, Ghiberti, Pontormo, Donatello, and Ghirlandaio, with the taste of our time and with a modern design.
He also focuses on research and innovation.
A prime example is the patent of Videojewel, where the goldsmith’s art and videoart have given life to a new synergy, a jewel that makes Penko Bottega Orafa a forerunner in the creation of innovative technological jewels on the world scene.

Some of his most significant works have entered to form part of the collection in the Bargello Museum and the Silver Museum in Palazzo Pitti in Florence.