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Private estates and historical villas: CASTEL MONASTERO

Castelnuovo Berardenga, 19
Siena, 53019
Telephone: +39 0577 570 881
E-mail: Event@castelmonastero.com
Web site: www.castelmonastero.com
Sales Manager: Francesca Nuvolone - Sales.Manager@castelmonastero.com
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One of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in Italy lies among Chianti vines, corn fields, chestnut forests and long rows of Cypress trees – this is the setting around Castel Monastero, a beautifully restored medieval village and monastery, is just 23 km from Siena. Within these thousand years walls is a true Tuscan retreat which exudes a feeling of simple refinement and pure elegance with its contemporary rustic chic style of the 74 guestrooms and one villa.


In keeping with the Tuscan food and wine culture there are two restaurants: the gourmet restaurant “Contrada” where guests can have a sophisticated gastronomic experience tasting Tuscan cuisine interpreted by our Chef together with world-famous Gordon Ramsay. And “La Cantina”, in the XIII century cellar, holds the best Tuscan and Chianti wines and guests can sample the local specialities. The glory of the past and the exclusivity of refined and versatile surroundings - these are the features that make Castel Monastero the ideal place for high-profile conventions and seminars. A meeting room, able to hold 150 guests, is available in the medieval village.

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